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ESA and Bipolar Disorder: How does an ESA help People Suffering from Bipolar Disorder?


Probably the most common mental disorder, bipolar disorder is marked with extreme mood swings like periods of extreme happiness and depression. The causes are numerous and a person suffers from this illness due to many reasons like loss of a loved one, stress and abuse or simply because a person is suffering from some hormonal imbalance.

People suffering from it often have difficulties in maintaining relationships and having a normal and usual life. Just like an emotional support animal helps people in maintaining their symptoms and alleviate their mental and physical health, they are helpful in minimizing the symptoms and severity of bipolar disorder also. But AlWAYS REMEMBER THAY YOU NEED AN ESA LETTER TO KEEP AN ESA WITH YOU.

Some of the key ways an emotional support animal can help someone suffering from bipolar disorder are:

1. They normalize Brain’s Biochemistry

As per a study at the University of Missouri, petting animals like dogs, EMOTIONAL SUPPORT cat, and horses normalizes the biochemicals in our brains. The action causes an increase in the serotonin level, which is released by the antidepressants also. This is why animal-assisted therapies are more effective as animals affect the biochemistry of our brains.

2. They cause the Release of Neurochemicals

Interacting with animals, pets and emotional support animals, release good neurochemicals in our brains. The interaction like petting the animal increases the level of oxytocin in the bloodstream, slows and calms the heart rate, increases the levels of beta-endorphins and dopamines. All of these neurochemicals increase the sense of happiness and comfort.

3. They better the Mood

Extreme mood swings are the most common symptoms of bipolar disorder. Researches show that pet therapies have positive effects on the moods of the elderly and other people suffering from depression and extreme mood swings. After the therapy, they experience a better perception of life and have less suicidal thoughts than before.

4. They minimize Stress

Since interaction with the animals minimizes the symptoms and signs of depression, stress, and suicidal thinking, they help in keeping the stress levels at minimal. However, the results were not as promising in the case of dogs and cats, studies show that fishes and birds have more positive effects than the usual cats and dogs.

5. They provide Comfort

One of the main reasons that animals prove to be better companions than humans is that they are non-judgemental and offer positive companionship and friendship. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are more common in people who feel isolated and alone and emotional support animals minimize these feelings. The inflicted people feel comfortable and at peace in the presence of these furballs.

6. They alleviate Mental Health

Because they cause the release of so many good chemicals in the brain, they help in alleviating your mental health. Studies have shown that the people who live with animals, wither pets or emotional support animals have a higher level of self-esteem-confidence and positivity than the ones without them. Animals make people feel better after any unpleasant incident and help them cope with their feelings better.

7. They help in Physical Health

Animals like dogs and some bigger breeds of cats need daily physical exercise to stay fit and healthy. Having a dog means that you will have to take him out for daily walks and runs ule having any animal means that you have someone who is dependant on you for food and other things. This forces a person to set his personal issues aside and pay attention to the animal. A daily walk and physical exercise will keep the person fit and healthy also which will further minimize the disorder’s symptoms.

Suffering from bipolar disorder is quite a painful experience for a person. The presence of an ESA will minimize this pain and help that person to relax and have a better outlook on life. While a valid ESA letter is the only requirement of bringing an ESA home, you should be careful that you get a genuine letter. To know about the details that will go into the letter, make sure that you check a  Free  Emotional support animal letter online.